The Importance + Benefits of TRIMMING Natural hair: Trimming 101

Hey guys, Naturacurls here with a sweet article that will hopefully help you out. 🙂

So let’s talk about the topic of trimming! What scissor-happy naturals may love, and what others not so much..

-“What do you think when seeing these?”

Well love it or not, you’ll still need to trim. Well.. unless you want raggedy see-through ends.. hey, some find that attractive right?  Bottom line is, it doesn’t look healthy and is definitely not healthy. If you want to know how to properly trim natural hair, here’s a guide:

naturalhair chart

So now that you know why our ends over time thin out..

trimHere’s an example:

photo-10And here are all the nasties that will be mostly found at those thinning ends due to no protection:


This is what happens if you are stubborn to not trim at all to “retain” as much length as possible:

“Long hair but a waayyy too long overdue trim. I’m assuming the reason the ends are still there is because she probably gave some TLC to it but not trimming it. Goes to show that you can moisturize your ends all you want, if you don’t trim your ends then there’s no point in giving it TLC in the first place.

Plus for the people saying they never trim to “retain length”, your regimen must not be working for you because a trim isn’t the end of the world and should not interfere with length progress unless it’s a major one due to not enough TLC to your ends, just being blunt and honest. Also a note, please do not do the “dusting” method (where you cut off a very little amount of your ends) if you have a lot of see-through ends, because dusting isn’t made for that. It was made to keep your ends fresh and updated periodically with already for the most part healthy ends. Dusting ends that need a full-blown trim does basically almost nothing. Okay now let’s get the science-y facts and negativity away and show the benefits of trimming:

before and after trim natural hair

Benefits of trimming

1. More curl definition, emphasize on more because if you don’t already have curls you won’t suddenly get curl definition.. just for the people obsessed with that kind of stuff (and imo shouldn’t be, it isn’t really good). If you notice your hair getting more limp and less defined curls, that’s a sure sign that you need to grab those scissors and bring you hair back to life! ^_< There’s a really awesome difference of before and after trimming above from

2. Appearance of thicker hair- tapering ends can really affect your entire hair, one of them being making your hair look thinner. Along with a boost of curl definition you also get thicker and overall healthier looking hair, sweet! ❀

3. Better looking hairstyles- If almost every hairstyle you do without your ends being covered looks horrible or just not as great as before then that’s a pretty clear sign you need a trim, if you haven’t changed your regimen or anything. One simple trim is all it takes to turn a lifeless failed twist-out to a bomb twist-out!

And finally, who doesn’t love fresh blunt ends! Who cares if your hair is slightly shorter?

Hope this helped, and please be sure to share to anyone who is stubborn about trimming or just for some helpful info. For those who are scissor-happy.. keep your ends away from you via protective styling, lol. And don’t murder innocent ends.

Stay tuned for the next article coming up today! Yep, I’m doing 2 in one day! I started this article pretty late but was too tired to finish so I’m going to make it up. ^-^