Is Co-washing BAD for Natural Hair??

Hey there guys, Naturacurls here! So earlier morning, I read an article about co-washing causing shedding. I currently can’t get the source unfortunately.. 😦 It goes a little something like this:


“People co-wash with regular conditioner, which mostly is used to make hair more “soft”, the main purpose of putting conditioner in your hair. But if it makes the hair soft, it might also make the scalp soft as well, causing premature shedding. Some people say that scrubbing conditioner into your scalp gets rid of build up. It’s just one of those things that makes you go hmm..”

I find this particularly interesting.. but will have to disagree. I didn’t notice any more shedding, but I did notice that conditioner+ wide tooth combs are awesome at removing shed hairs. 😛 What do you think?


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